Shipping Your Auto Can Save You Money

By Tom Kearns

Nowadays it becomes more and more of a necessity for any adult to own a car. While in big bustling cities it may be increasingly more convenient to get by on foot or by means of public transport, many prosperous towns have wretched bus service and are generally so planned that without a car it is near impossible to do even your essential shopping. As a result the average family owns at least two cars.

If you or a member of your family is planning to relocate, driving your car(s) yourself to your far off new home may seem convenient, but oh my, what a hassle. Think auto transport company. These companies exist to transport many vehicles at once over long distances, saving stress on both you and your car as well as being economical. Your car will be provided with some protection against bad weather, bad road conditions, and vandalism or theft. Auto shipping companies offer many services for any type of vehicle and are specialists in what they do.

If you are not naturally a planner, this is the time you need to change that. You need to make careful preparations based on your circumstances. Figure the cost of driving those vehicles yourself including fuel, wear and tear on the car and you (and quite possibly other drivers in other vehicles) and the cost of food and lodging on the road, especially over long distances. Compare this total with an estimate from a reliable auto shipper and you will undoubtedly hire the carrier.

There are further considerations that affect the pricing. The date you want your car(s) to be delivered as well as condition and type of vehicle all play into the charges. However, if the destination is far, far away, whether your car is an old clunker or a sleek, sexy new one, hiring a professional, reliable auto shipper is the wise and budget-friendly way to go.

Standard transport companies will offer various plans of shipment services at various prices. The cheapest being the "economy guide". This is something of a crap shoot, though, because your vehicle will only be loaded if there is enough room for it on the carrier - first come first served. To get your car into a priority shipping time slot, you will have to pay more. The "economy guide" plan is only for the truly financially strapped and/or those who really don't give a hoot when their vehicle arrives at its destination.

Next to "economy guide" in price is shipment by open carrier, which leaves the car open to inclement weather conditions, road conditions, flying debris, and possible damage by other vehicles on the carrier. A safer choice and more expensive one is the closed carrier which avoids the aforementioned hazards. There is also "Full Service" available with both open and closed shipment that guarantees door-to-door service of pick up and delivery on specific dates. You can minimize costs somewhat by reducing the weight of the vehicle. Remove any objects that can be removed from the car, do not load any personal belongings and make sure the tank is as low as is reasonable -these are some ways to lower the car's weight and thereby the price. - 30242

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Auto Shippers May Be A Great Alternative To Driving Across Country

By Tom Kearns

Many occasions arise when it is more feasible to use a professional service to transport a vehicle form one state to another. You may need to move and you are pressed on time, so you fly and then have the vehicle transported by an auto shipper. Auto shippers are in business for this very reason.

Shipping an automobile can be a good way to limit the wear and tear on a vehicle. They can also be a great way to get a car from one destination or another when you need to fly. No matter what the reason you can be assured that chances are there are several auto shippers in your area that can provide expert shipping service.

Not only can traveling long distance place unnecessary wear on a vehicle it can also be time consuming and cost you additional expenses. When you calculate the expense for lodging in food as you travel from A to b you may determine that it is actually more economical for you to have the auto transport move the vehicle for you.

All of these factors can make using auto shippers a more feasible and practical choice than driving the vehicle from one point to another yourself. There are many auto shippers who are reputable and economical.

Auto shippers use many different methods to transport a vehicle from A to B. One way that is becoming increasingly more popular is to use a train to transport your vehicle. Trains can often transport faster and for a smaller fee.

While most auto shippers will use tractor trailers or car carriers there are also trains that provide these services. Transporting of a vehicle using a train can often be a quicker and more affordable way to transport a vehicle. To check out the availability of a train auto transporter in your area you can reference autos by train on the internet.

It is also a good idea to know what type of carrier your auto transporter will be using. Many auto shippers will use flat beds, these are great if you have a vehicle that you do not need to have cover and you are not concerned about getting dirty or possibly hit by small objects that get lifted off the road.

When transporting a rare or exotic automobile it is a good idea to find auto shippers that will provide an enclosed carrier. If you are not concerned with the vehicle being exposed to the elements and dirt and other debris that may come in to contact with the vehicle during transport then you may want to find a small auto shipper who will use a flat bed. These independents can often be the most economical choice. - 30242

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Brokers and Customer Responsiveness in Auto Shipping

By Tom Kearns

When dealing with a company yourself, you may get that feeling that all is not right but don't have enough knowledge of the industry to ask the right questions in order to satisfy yourself of the company's reliability. This is where the broker steps in. Brokers have the whereabouts to check out a company's insurance, reliability record, the reputation within the industry as well as with past customers. They can also verify that they are licensed in order to do what they do.

A broker will select from a sea of companies, reputable companies of all sizes and with varying services and show them to you for a final decision. It would not be good business sense for a broker to offer you a company to contract with that would not lead to your satisfaction. The broker has better access to the information that concerns you most.

A website worth noting is You can research brokers and companies on the site and aside from what the broker tells you about the company, this site allows to look into customer reviews. You can determine from the site how many cars are shipped per month and compare the number of positive responses with the negative. You will undoubtedly uncover way more positive reviews than negative, because human nature is such that if they have a negative experience, they will deal directly with the company and/or broker to come to a solution. But, at any rate, you can compare the magnitude of the company's business with the rate of happy customers.

Full customer satisfaction is the goal of any worthy enterprise and the heart and soul of his business. But while 100% positive responses are not a sign of total reliability, neither are 100% negative responses significant proof a company is completely undependable. You should pay the most attention to whether the nature of the complaint is major or minor and if it reoccurs with any degree of consistency. You will have to perform this analysis yourself, the website won't do it for you. Remember any negative comments could be coming from someone for whom the company bent over backward to please, and there was just no pleasing this irrational hothead.

A wide variety of complaints may be as bad or worse. A company might not have one particular tricky angle figured out, but be otherwise competent. But a company which dissatisfy in a number of related fields is probably badly run or hasn't the budget to cope with basic requirements, or both.

Nonetheless, customer response is only an early phase of your investigation and one of the very few you can research yourself without a broker. By hiring a broker, you will be able to take advantage of the information he can uncover that you can't, not just cryptic customer reviews but official documents and records as well as professional experience, industry knowledge and advice. You will avoid the tedious details involved in industry bureaucracy and endless negotiations to set a price. A good broker is an effective negotiator who will save you money while charging a nominal fee, usually between $100 and $200 dollars for their services depending on the complexity and time restrictions your particular job entails. - 30242

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How to Price Auto Shipping: More or Less

By Tom Kearns

Whether that car you need to relocate to a distant location is a classic collector's item or the family minivan, you are probably looking for an inexpensive yet secure method of transport. One of the best ways to do this is via an auto shipping company. This remarkable service saves you the time, trouble and money of driving that vehicle yourself thousands of miles. The price of gas these days is enough of a deterrent, let alone the wear and tear on you and your vehicle.

For those in the know, and there are more and more of those all the time, the auto shipping industry is a first choice for vehicle transportation. The customer nonetheless assumes some risk when hiring even the most reliable and most experienced auto carriers. One must be cautious and diligent in their search. You must review insurance policies and past experience and performance with shipping similar vehicles, especially if yours is exotic. Hauling an expensive, custom, or vintage car requires different safeguards than that Ford Taurus. The pricing aspects of such vehicles will also differ substantially.

Among the most obvious factors which determine the price and the first things you are likely to be asked is the brand and make of the car, the distance it is to travel and the precise pick-up and drop-off points.

Some peculiar, out of the way destinations may require out of the way services, and precise destination, rather than only the distance, is important for the service provider to know what conditions to expect along the way. A good company should inform you of any road or weather conditions which might be harmful to the vehicles transported and offer services which will suitably prevent any damage or unwanted circumstances.

The cost of transportation will increase if your vehicle is especially large and heavy, like a big SUV, taking up more than the usual space inside the carrier and not allowing the company to load its usual number of vehicles. Some exotic cars, especially old collector cars, have odd dimensions, but such vehicles may require special handling, regardless of size and weight.

Obviously, whatever the car, you want it insured for its journey and your usual policy will probably not cover this. You will incur an added, but absolutely necessary cost by buying coverage from the company you select. Just like your regular insurance carrier, they will offer various coverages at various prices. You want to lean toward the expensive coverage to be absolutely safe.

If your car is not drivable, then preparations must be made to have a truck pick it up from a location you state rather than the standard terminal, and shove it or tow it to its location on the carrier. Same service is in effect when it reaches its destination. These circumstance requires a separate truck and separate service from the norm.

A fully operable vehicle is, of course, the preferred one to transport. No matter, you need to hire the auto shipping company as early as you can before the shipping date, and try for off-season if possible. The longer you hold off on deciding on a transport company, the costlier it will be for you. I'm talking here well over a month in advance. If your car's prior condition results in damage while in transit, besides the inconvenience of waiting for the car to be repaired, the final price could spiral out of sight. - 30242

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Necessary Items To Consider When Choosing An Auto Transport Company

By Tom Kearns

A car is a valuable asset that needs to be protected. Not only is there a monetary value to our vehicle, we often are emotionally attached and physically dependent on our vehicles to transport us from one place to another. When a vehicle needs to be moved a long distance, it is important that it have good care. When you must choose an auto transport company, you need to be diligent in your search in order for that vehicle to arrive at the new destination without damage. These tips should help you in choosing a safe and reliable auto transport company.

Choose a company that has a good reputation in the auto transport industry. If a company has a bad reputation, the internet makes it easy to find that out. Use a good search engine to check out the company and see if they have any bad reviews. Many customers with a problem with a company will quickly make a review. Be sure that you read the reason for a poor rating as well as any steps the company took to resolve the problem. Make sure that the company tries to meet the customers needs, otherwise, you may want to consider another company. If a company only has bad reviews, regardless of the price, choose another company.

Inquire with the company to be sure that they have the necessary licenses to move your vehicle. They should have a federal license as well as the necessary insurance and bond requirements. If the carrier is legitimate, they should have no problem in showing you this paperwork.

Be sure that you ask the company about the insurance that they have to cover any damage that might happen to your car during the move. Be sure to find out about any limitations to that insurance. For example, some companies do not cover damage that might be caused by flying gravel. This includes paint chips and broken glass. If this is not a part of the companies insurance, you will want to know before signing any paperwork.

Most companies offer different options for shipping your vehicle. Not every company will offer every option, so check to see what is available.

If you agree to open shipping, your vehicle is loaded onto an open trailer for transport. While less expensive, your vehicle is subject to more damage than if it is in an enclosed container.

Enclosed shipping puts your vehicle in an enclosed trailer and it is unlikely that flying objects will cause damage to the vehicle. If you have a very new vehicle, a specialty vehicle or an antique automobile, the extra expense may be worth the extra cost.

Economy service cost less but may take more time to get your vehicle where you need it to be. The vehicle may change trailers several times in the process of getting to your new home and spend a few days between locked in a secure storage yard. If you are not in a big hurry to get the vehicle where you eventually will need it, this can save money.

Full service is the quickest way to get you vehicle to its new destination and usually includes door to door service. - 30242

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Auto Shipping Is What Exactly?

By Tom Kearns

If you are not relocating either to a distant state or abroad, you will have no reason to explore the companies involved with auto shipping. Ah, but if you are making a long distance move, you will want to be sure that your precious, pampered car, boat, motor cycle, or SUV arrives safely and on time. After all, you have spent money and time making sure that vehicle looks cherry and runs like a charm, and you want it there when you arrive at your destination so you won't be without transportation.

Just What is Auto Shipping?

Basically and simply, it is a method of getting your car from where it is to where you want it to be without driving it yourself. Fortunately, there are many companies that offer the convenient service of doing just that. They have fleets of carriers in all shapes and sizes. One will surely fit your vehicle whether you are relocating domestically or internationally. You can also opt to have your vehicle delivered to your door. If you live in one of those rare municipalities that have a local auto shipping company, good for you. You can walk right in and arrange for shipping with a representative. This is probably not the case, however, there are numerous companies online that offer many services, such as flexible modes of shipping as well as flexible schedules. Most of these companies also pride themselves on their excellent customer service.

Types of auto shipping

Whether you are transporting a recently purchased vehicle to your current location or are transporting your old friend to a new one, you will need to know what type of shipping carriers are available. There are two main types of carriers.

1) Open vehicle shipping- this is typically a great option for most consumers; for it is cheap and provides the least expensive method in shipping your vehicle. However, open is exactly what it is. Remember driving on the highway and seeing the huge trucks with trailers connected to it, carrying a variety of vehicles. Well if you choose to go this way that will one day be your car, bike or boat. Though economical the downsides include any destruction from road debris, or elements flying around or from the other cars. Security is also a potential hazard for open traveling vehicles. Equipment such as navigation systems, stereos, and other expensive electronics have a much higher chance of being stolen than if closed away in a private traveling quarter.

2) Enclosed vehicle shipping- is precisely as it sounds. Your vehicle is tucked away safely; protected from debris, exposed elements, and above all else other vehicles. As well as secluded from any robbers who are eyeing your vehicles electronic or outerwear candy. Enclosed shipping typically receives more attention and better care when loading into the carrier. Conversely there two major downsides to enclosed shipping. The price range can range from 25 to 100% more expensive, and the availability with this shipping, seeing that most companies are not participating in this shipping method, can be a challenge.

You have now received a basic education in auto shipping. You are able to do your research armed with your new found wisdom and find that perfect company and carrier for your needs. Good job! - 30242

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How To Choose Courier Delivery Services

By Adriana Noton

A courier service is described as an organization which will personally arrange for the delivery of packages or documents from one place to another. Courier services usually boast fast delivery times and are often more reliable than regular mail as they carry the packages from door to door. These companies are generally used by businesses to ensure the fast delivery of important goods. Courier services can ship your package just down the street or all the way across the globe. There are so many courier delivery services - how to choose?

When trying to decide which courier delivery service to use the first thing you need to consider is where you need your package to go and how quickly you need it to get there.

The second factor to consider is the size of the package you are wanting to ship. Most courier companies determine their pricing on the size of the package as well as the distance it needs to travel.

If your package is smaller then it will be able to fit in the smaller delivery vehicles and this will reduce the cost. Keeping this in mind when getting quotes is handy as most companies will not tell you this information first hand as their prerogative is maximizing their profit margins. Find out exactly what is included in the price of the service and does this include insurance of your parcel and what this covers.

Make sure that the courier has liability insurance. Ensure that they are covered if they loose or damage your package. Make sure that you know before hand what the implications are to yourself and to the company.

You also need to make sure that any courier company is able to handle any special needs of your package. You need to determine if it needs refrigeration, hazmat or special handling. You need to make sure that your chosen courier is qualified to carry your package.

It is important to do your research when it comes to choosing a courier company and word of mouth referral is always best. Some companies may promise the cheapest rates but they do not always offer the best service. If your package is valuable it may be wise to go with the more expensive option with a higher guarantee. One factor that will help you decide is how long they have been in service. Companies that have been operating for a long period of time have well-placed systems that work whilst newer companies may not know the best routes and methods for delivery.

Find out what types of customer service is offered by the company, are there ways that you can track your package once it has left your hands? Are there ways that you or the receiving company can get in touch with the courier company should the package fail to arrive?

Do they have online services? Can you arrange a pick up online and track your package online. A website which allows you to calculate a quote for the services is a handy tool. - 30242

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